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(1.2.8 release notes (submitted and pending Asset Store review))
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= 1.2.9 release notes =
* Upgraded project to Unity 2018.2.18.
= 1.2.8 release notes =
= 1.2.8 release notes =

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1.2.9 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.2.18.

1.2.8 release notes

  • Fixed lives system not updating correctly when the game goes to background on mobile platforms.

1.2.7 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2017.4.0 LTS (you can find more information about Unity LTS releases here).
  • Fixed exception happening when running under .NET 4.x.
  • Added resolution utility to the editor.

1.2.6 release notes

  • Added player preferences tab to game settings editor (useful for testing).

1.2.5 release notes

  • Removed the unnecessary loading popup for IAP purchases on Android.

1.2.4 release notes

  • Levels with collectables do not generate more collectables than those strictly required now.
  • Fixed player input spamming.

1.2.3 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug with the level scene scrolling.

1.2.2 release notes

  • Fixed the level scene clouds not working in Unity 2017.3.

1.2.1 release notes

  • Boosters are chained now.

1.2.0 release notes

  • Implemented booster combos.

1.1.0 release notes

  • Implemented support for rewarded ads via Unity Ads.
  • Implemented support for in-app purchases via Unity IAP.
  • Implemented level penalties: you can optionally apply a penalty (in time or moves) to the player when he misses a match.
  • Level scores are stored in PlayerPrefs now.
  • Fixed bug that caused the background that fades in when buying a booster during a game to never disappear when placing the booster very quickly.

1.0.1 release notes

  • Fixed bug that caused the level limit to be negative sometimes.
  • Fixed some animator warnings.

1.0 release notes

  • Initial release.