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The kit requires using Unity 2017.1.1 or a higher version. We always make sure to keep our assets up-to-date so that they work with the latest versions of the engine.

Unfortunately, sometimes certain Unity versions have bugs that are outside our control. We keep a list of these known issues here:

  • Unity 2017.1.2: There is an engine bug that prevents the dialog prefabs in the kit from working correctly. This bug was fixed in 2017.1.2p1.
  • Unity 2017.3.0: There is an engine bug that causes a crash when running the kit on iOS. You can find more information about it here. This bug was fixed in 2017.3.1p1.
  • Unity 2018.2.0 and Unity 2018.2.1: These versions of Unity automatically enable the Tight Packing field in all the sprite atlases of the project, which causes some visual glitches. In order to prevent this, select all the sprite atlases in the CandyMatch3Kit/SpriteAtlas folder and untick the Tight Packing field in the Inspector.