Single Player CCG Kit Version history

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1.1.0EA release notes

  • This is the biggest update of the kit so far. Please read the announcement in the forum thread and make sure to reach us via our support channel if you are interested in having this version (we cannot officially upload it to the Asset Store yet because the submission process does not support Unity 2020.2.0 yet, which the kit is using now).

1.08EA release notes

  • Buffs and debuffs stack by default now.
  • Fixed several issues with the card selection system.
  • Upgraded project to the latest version of the Entities package.

1.07EA release notes

  • Added "poison" debuff. It deals X points of damage to the target character when his turn begins.
  • Moved systems to the new SystemBase class.

1.06EA release notes

  • Added "weak" debuff. It removes 25% (rounding down) off the character's damage points.
  • Refactored status effects system to be more generic.

1.05EA release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2019.3.0f6. This is the first official, stable release of Unity 2019.3, so we will keep it as the minimum required version for the foreseeable future.
  • Added a Material field to the card templates. This allows using custom shaders in the cards.

1.04EA release notes

  • Added "strength" buff. It adds +X to the character's damage points.
  • Improved the animation system of the player's hand cards to prevent artifacts in certain contexts.
  • Refactored the card effect resolution code into an independent ECS system.

1.03EA release notes

  • Simplified the "prepare content" installation into "build content". Please make sure to follow the updated installation instructions.
  • Fixed glow in hand cards not being updated when the player's mana changes.
  • Fixed bug that caused the card selection arrow to be able to select non-arrow cards.
  • Invalid entries are ignored now when loading the player's deck.

1.02EA release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2019.3.0f5.
  • Added a "prepare content" step to the installation in order to avoid problems setting up the Addressable assets in the kit. Please re-install the kit on a new, empty project and make sure to follow the updated installation instructions.

1.01EA release notes

  • Added "draw X cards" card effect.
  • Made Addressables initialization code more robust.

1.0EA release notes

  • Initial Early Access release.