Single Player CCG Kit Roadmap

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Single-Player CCG Kit is currently in Early Access. This means the kit is still in heavy development and its price is at a 50% off discount of its final price. New features will be added based on the most requested items by the community (with priority given to Early Access users). We reserve the right not to add certain features at our discretion.

Planned features

Completed features are marked in green; work-in-progress features are marked in orange. Please note this list is not exhaustive and additional features may be added in the future. The Early Access period will finish once all the features that appear in this list are marked in green.

  • Draw cards effect.
  • Strength buff.
  • Weak debuff.
  • Poison debuff.
  • Hand, deck and discard pile view.
  • Random map generation.
  • Support for multiple enemies.
  • Card upgrades.
  • Combat rewards.
  • Player/enemy turn indicators.