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We recently rewrote the core architecture of the kit and upgraded it to Unity 2020.2.0b14. Please note that you need to reach us to request access to the private GitHub repository in order to get the latest version of the kit (please send us your invoice number and your GitHub username), because the submission process does not support Unity 2020.2.0 yet. We thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.

Create a new Unity project

Open Unity (you will need to use Unity 2019.3.0f6 or higher) and create a new 2D project:


Import DOTween into your project

Download and import the free DOTween asset into your project.

Import TextMeshPro Essential Resources into your project

Select the TextMeshPro/Import TMP Essential Resources option in the Window menu. This will make sure you can use TextMeshPro in your project.

Import Single-Player CCG Kit into your project

Download and import the Single-Player CCG Kit asset into your project.

Make sure you import the kit as a complete project and that you answer "yes" when asked if you want to include the package dependencies. This will automatically install the package dependencies required: 2D Animation, 2D PSD Importer, Addressables and Entities.

Build the content

The kit uses the new Addressables package in Unity to manage its dynamic resources. In order to be able to use the kit without any issues, you need to build the content before playing for the first time as follows:

  • Open the Window/Asset Management/Addressables/Groups window and click on the Create Addressables Settings button.
  • Select the Tools/Single-Player CCG Kit/Build content menu option (please note this is not the Tools option in the Addressables window, but the menu option in the Unity editor itself).

And that is it!

Enable Fast Play Mode in the Unity editor

This step is optional but, because the kit is compatible with the new Fast Play Mode available in Unity 2019.3, you should always enable it to get a blazing fast experience when pressing the Play button in the Unity editor. You can change this in your Project Settings (located in the Edit/Project Settings menu option). In the Editor section, toggle the Enter Play Mode Options (Experimental) flag on.


If all goes well, you should not have any errors on the console and you should be able to run the game by opening the Game scene and clicking on the Play button. Make sure you have added all the scenes (located in the SinglePlayerCCGKit/Scenes folder) to your build settings if you want to build a player.

If you run into any issues during the process, please reach our support and we will be happy to help.