Master Server Kit Setup

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The best way to introduce the functionality provided by Master Server Kit is to play with the included demo.

You can launch it on your computer in order to be prompted with the intro screen:


You can register a new user:


And log in with an existing user:


You can also log in as a guest.

Once successfully logged into the master server, you will enter the lobby screen:


From this screen, you can perform the following actions by clicking on the appropriate buttons:

  • Find games: Lists all the available games on the master server.
  • Create a new game: Creates a new game (which will be public or private depending on the contents of the password input field). While the demo always creates 2-player games, the kit supports any number of players. We plan to extend the demo with the option to create games with different capacities in a future update.
  • Play now: Joins an available game or creates a new one automatically if none was found.
  • Join game: Joins the corresponding game.
  • Chat: Chat with all the other players connected.

You can see this functionality is fundamentally equivalent to the one provided by Unity Multiplayer Services's matchmaking, with the difference that everything is running on a dedicated server here.

If you try to join a private game you will be prompted with this dialog, where you need to introduce the game's password:


Once you have successfully joined a game, you will enter the game screen:


This screen is just a placeholder for demonstration purposes; you would implement your authoritative game logic here. You can chat with the other players in the game/match/room and also have the option to exit the game and return to the lobby. When no players are left in a game server, it is automatically shut down by the master server.