Master Server Kit F.A.Q.

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What platforms are supported by Master Server Kit?

Master Server Kit works on all the platforms supported by UNET. For the servers, you will need a machine running Windows, Mac OS or Linux (Linux is recommended because you can build the binaries in headless mode, which is particularly convenient for servers) and a public IP address. For the client, you can target both desktop and mobile platforms. UNET on WebGL currently has some bugs, so we do not officially support this platform at the moment.

Unity is deprecating UNET. What does this mean for Master Server Kit?

You can find the most up-to-date information regarding this matter in this forum thread. While, starting with 2018.3, UNET will be marked as deprecated and yield a warning in code using it, you will still be able to work with it for quite some time after that (and you can always disable the deprecation warning in your project).

Is Master Server Kit compatible with Unity 2019?

Yes, it is. We provide two versions of the package:

- Unity 2018.4 LTS. - Unity 2019.3.8 (the latest stable version of the engine at the time of this writing). We will provide a version for Unity 2019.4 LTS as soon as it is available.

Do I need a knowledge of programming and network programming?

Yes. Master Server Kit is a C# library built on top of UNET, so familiarity with both is highly recommended. If you are not a familiar with network programming, a good starting point are the official tutorials from Unity.

Do I need a knowledge of server administration?

Yes. You are responsible for deploying your game to your servers (your own or hosted by a third-party), so a basic familiarity with server administration will definitely be helpful. We have tested the included demo on a $5/month Digital Ocean VPS, which works just fine for development and testing purposes. Please note that we do not provide technical support for deployment issues.

If I purchase the kit, will you also provide the hosting for my game?

No. You are responsible for setting up and paying for the hosting of your servers. Master Server Kit only provides the foundational backend code to help build your infrastructure. Please note that we do not provide technical support for deployment issues.

Will Master Server Kit help me with programming the logic of my multiplayer game?

No. Master Server Kit is specifically focused on the backend side of things. Helping with the game logic itself (and related aspects such as client-side prediction or entity interpolation) is therefore completely outside the scope of the kit.

How many players does Master Server Kit support?

This is a question that cannot possibly be answered in a general, definitive way. There are no hardcoded limits on the kit itself, but the actual number will depend on several game-specific considerations such as the network bandwidth usage of your game, the capabilities of your server and any limitations inherent to UNET.