Installing the kit

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Create a new Unity project

Open Unity (you will need to use Unity 2017.1.1 or higher) and create a new project:

IMPORTANT: If you want to use version 2017.1.2 of Unity, please use one of the patch versions. There is an engine bug in 2017.1.2f1 that prevents the dialog prefabs in the kit from working correctly that was solved in 2017.1.2p1.


Import Puzzle Match Kit into your project

Download and import the Puzzle Match Kit asset into your project. If all goes well, you should not have any errors on the console and you should be able to run the game by opening the Home scene and clicking on the Play button. Make sure you have added all the scenes (located in the PuzzleMatchKit/Scenes folder) to your build settings:


Please note that the Home scene always needs to be the first scene you run and also the first scene in your build settings, as it contains the code that initializes the entire game.