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Create a new Unity project

Open the Unity Hub and create a new 2D project using Unity 2019.1.2 or higher:

IMPORTANT: We always make sure to keep our assets up-to-date so that they work with the latest versions of the engine. Unfortunately, sometimes certain Unity versions have bugs that are outside our control. We keep a list of these known issues here.


Install the Entities package

Open the Package Manager (located in the Window/Package Manager menu option) and install the Entities package. Make sure you have enabled the Show preview packages option in the Advanced section in order to be able to select this package.

Import DOTween into your project

Download and import the free DOTween asset into your project.

Make sure you perform the additional setup step that DOTween requires by selecting the Setup DOTween option in the Tools/Demigiant/DOTween Utility Panel menu.

Import Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit into your project

Download and import the Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit asset into your project. If all goes well, you should not have any errors on the console and you should be able to run the game by opening the Home scene and clicking on the Play button. Make sure you have added all the scenes (located in the FruitSwipeMatch3Kit/Scenes folder) to your build settings: