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What is the minimum version of Unity required for Puzzle Match Kit?

You will need to use Unity 2017.1.1 or higher.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use version 2017.1.2 of Unity, please use one of the patch versions. There is an engine bug in 2017.1.2f1 that prevents the dialog prefabs in the kit from working correctly that was solved in 2017.1.2p1.

Does Puzzle Match Kit run on mobile platforms?

Yes, it does. The UI is prepared to scale across different resolutions by using a Canvas Scaler that scales with the screen size and anchors (you can find more information about Unity's UI system here) and game objects are pooled to keep the amount of garbage generated at runtime to a minimum (you can find more information about object pooling here).

Which features does the kit NOT provide?

While the kit provides many features useful for creating your own match-2 game, the following are some examples of features that you will need to implement yourself at the moment:

  • Facebook login and friends.

We may add some of these features in future updates depending on the interest of users. If you want us to implement these features or have any other suggestions, please let us know!

Does the kit include the .PSD source files of the graphics?

No; it only includes the exported .PNG images. If you want the .PSD source files, you can purchase them here.


Is there a special price for students?

The Asset Store does not currently provide any way to create individual discounts, so unfortunately it is not possible for us to offer special group prices.


What are the licensing terms of the kit?

Puzzle Match Kit can only be used under the standard Unity Asset Store End User License Agreement. A Copy of the Asset Store EULA is available here.

The copyright of Puzzle Match Kit and all of its contents (including both the art and the source code) belongs to gamevanilla ©. After purchasing Puzzle Match Kit, you have the right to use it only for the purposes of developing and publishing a final game.

You are NOT allowed to redistribute or resale Puzzle Match Kit or any of its contents for any purpose (not even after a complete re-skin). To distribute or resale this product is NOT permitted under any circumstances and is strictly prohibited.

Please note that digital stores like the App Store or Google Play may reject your game if it contains very similar artwork to already published games. You may need to re-skin your game as appropriate.

Thank you for respecting our work.

Building for iOS and Android

How do I make a build for iOS?

You need to follow the official instructions in the Unity manual here.

How do I make a build for Android?

You need to follow the official instructions in the Unity manual here.