Candy Match 3 Kit Version history

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1.5.1 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2019.3.9.

1.5.0 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2019.3.7. We still provide a download for Unity 2018.4.0 in case you prefer to use this version, but for new projects we recommend using Unity 2019 in order to be able to use the latest features of the engine and its libraries.
  • Updated Unity Ads integration to work with the latest version of the Advertisement library.

1.4.1 release notes

  • Fixed '0 stars' case in level scene.
  • Fixed level scrolling not working after completing all levels.

1.4.0 release notes

  • Added configurable spin wheel popup.

1.3.0 release notes

  • Added configurable daily bonus popup.

1.2.0 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.4.0.

1.1.1 release notes

  • Fixed bug with marshmallow goal detection in some situations.
  • Fixed several bugs with the swap booster.

1.1.0 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.3.0.
  • Moved the editor tools to the Tools menu option.

1.0.16 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.2.18.

1.0.15 release notes

  • Fixed lives system not updating correctly when the game goes to background on mobile platforms.
  • Fixed typo in T-shaped match detection code.

1.0.14 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2017.4.0 LTS (you can find more information about Unity LTS releases here).
  • Fixed incorrect object pool configuration that caused more instances than needed to be created.

1.0.13 release notes

  • Striped and wrapped candies are now preserved after level regeneration.
  • Fixed several exceptions happening when running with .NET 4.x.
  • Fixed bug that caused the level not to be regenerated when a covered tile was present in it.

1.0.12 release notes

  • The camera is now automatically adjusted to make the game board fit in the screen's width. Also, a resolution utility has been added to the editor so that device-specific resolution settings can be defined. This is particularly useful for devices with very unique aspect ratios, like the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You can read more about how this works here.
  • Added boy graphics and animations.
  • Fixed color bomb being able to be swapped diagonally.
  • Fixed collectables losing its orientation after repeatedly being swapped by the player.

1.0.11 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug with special candy generation.

1.0.10 release notes

  • Added wrapped candy + striped candy combo.
  • Fixed combos exploding unbreakable tiles.

1.0.9 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug with special candy positioning.

1.0.8 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug with special candy generation.
  • Fixed purchasable boosters from being able to be applied to collectables.
  • Fixed visual bug in lives shop popup.

1.0.7 release notes

  • Fixed several bugs caused by very fast swipes.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the completion of special block-related goals (including when retrying a level).

1.0.6 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug with level regeneration.
  • Fixed rare bug with the FX pools of special blocks.

1.0.5 release notes

  • Added player preferences tab to game settings editor (useful for testing).

1.0.4 release notes

  • Removed the unnecessary loading popup for IAP purchases on Android.
  • Level regeneration does not happen if there is a usable color bomb on the level now.
  • Fixed the win and lose popups playing their sound effects even when the sound is disabled.

1.0.3 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug with chocolate expansion.

1.0.2 release notes

  • Fixed color bombs appearing with straight matches of 6 tiles instead of 5.
  • Fixed combos incorrectly destroying collectables.

1.0.1 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug that caused the level goals UI to not be properly updated sometimes.

1.0 release notes

  • Initial release.