Candy Match 3 Kit Version history

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1.0.9 release notes

  • Fixed bug with special candy generation positioning.

1.0.8 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug with special candy generation.
  • Fixed purchasable boosters from being able to be applied to collectables.
  • Fixed visual bug in lives shop popup.

1.0.7 release notes

  • Fixed several bugs caused by very fast swipes.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the completion of special block-related goals (including when retrying a level).

1.0.6 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug with level regeneration.
  • Fixed rare bug with the FX pools of special blocks.

1.0.5 release notes

  • Added player preferences tab to game settings editor (useful for testing).

1.0.4 release notes

  • Removed the unnecessary loading popup for IAP purchases on Android.
  • Level regeneration does not happen if there is a usable color bomb on the level now.
  • Fixed the win and lose popups playing their sound effects even when the sound is disabled.

1.0.3 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug with chocolate expansion.

1.0.2 release notes

  • Fixed color bombs appearing with straight matches of 6 tiles instead of 5.
  • Fixed combos incorrectly destroying collectables.

1.0.1 release notes

  • Fixed rare bug that caused the level goals UI to not be properly updated sometimes.

1.0 release notes

  • Initial release.