Bubble Shooter Kit Version history

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1.1.1 release notes

  • Fix lives system not using the MaxLives constant when refilling lives.

1.1.0 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.3.0.

1.0.7 release notes

  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.2.18.

1.0.6 release notes

  • Fixed obsolete calls when building for mobile with IAP enabled.
  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.2.11.

1.0.5 release notes

  • Added in-game score text to bubbles that explode.
  • In-game UI buttons cannot be pressed during the end game sequence anymore.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior of the special bubbles when colliding with the level's ceiling.
  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.2.10.

1.0.4 release notes

  • Fixed interaction between boosters and void bubbles.
  • Fixed cloud bubbles not freeing leaves when exploding on top of a level.
  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.2.8.

1.0.3 release notes

  • Fixed player being able to shoot bubbles downwards on mobile.
  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.2.7.

1.0.2 release notes

  • Fixed rare race condition with groups of iced bubbles.
  • Fixed rare race condition with booster explosions preventing the player from shooting.
  • Fixed rare race condition with islands containing an iron bubble not falling as soon as possible.
  • Fixed player being able to swap bubbles or use the energy bubble while the end game sequence is taking place.

1.0.1 release notes

  • Added in-game purchasable boosters.
  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.2.6.

1.0 release notes

  • Initial release.