Bubble Shooter Kit Introduction

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This is an introduction to the basic gameplay elements found in Bubble Shooter Kit.


The default colored bubbles in the game. They can be matched with other bubbles of the same color; with a valid match requiring at least 3 bubbles.

BlackBubble.png BlueBubble.png BrownBubble.png GreenBubble.png OrangeBubble.png PinkBubble.png PurpleBubble.png RedBubble.png WhiteBubble.png YellowBubble.png

Special bubbles

Circle bomb

When touched, this bubble explodes the neighbour bubbles.

Horizontal bomb

When touched, this bubble explodes all the bubbles in the same row.

Color bomb

When touched, this bubble explodes all the visible bubbles in the level with the same color as the shot bubble.


Iron bubble

This bubble cannot be destroyed; it can only fall.


This bubble can only be destroyed by making a match near it.


The ice can only be removed by making a match with the covered bubble.


When making a match near it, this bubble will transform into one of the same color as the match.


This bubble prevents all the connected bubbles from falling.



Always located at the top of a level, leaves are collected when exploding the bubble below it.


Fishes are collected when falling.